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All the following treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Your Well-being Matters.

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Swedish Back neck & shoulder massage (30 minutes) £25
If you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, then this relaxing treatment is definitely for you. This soothing massage will loosen the muscles and melt away the tension, allowing you to relax and unwind. As well as the physical benefit of loosening tight muscles, relieving aches and pains, and speeding up the recovery and repair of tissues. Concentrating on the back neck and shoulders, This Swedish back neck and shoulder massage will have you relaxed and feeling a greater sense of well-being.

Swedish Body massage (60 minutes) £35
Restore balance to your body and mind with this relaxing Swedish body massage. Providing relaxation, ease tension in tight muscles and increase blood flow. Whether you have a specific point of tension or pain or if you just need an hour-long vacation from the stresses of the world. Book your Swedish body massage today and drift away into a calmer state of mind.

Full Swedish massage including face, arms hands arms and feet (90 minutes) £50
If it’s been one of those days or weeks and you are in need of a total change of pace. Treat yourself to this full body 90-minute ultimate relaxation Full body Swedish massage. Have every inch of stress soothed from your aching body with a mixture of sweeping, gliding, kneading and calming techniques. You can choose from a lighter more relaxing pressure or a firmer more invigoration pressure to suit your needs. Let all your troubles and tension melt away with this full body massage.

Hot stones Back Neck & shoulder massage (30 minutes) £32
Using hot basalt stones to warm muscles and provide a deeper more soothing massage. Using massage techniques alongside these hot stones provides a pain relieving effect for cramps and muscle tightness. Alongside soothing and de-stressing, a hot stone massage can assist you in getting a good night sleep.

Hot Stones Body Massage (60 minutes) £42
A relaxing body massage using hot basalt stones to melt away the stress. Deeper relaxation to relieve muscle tightness and tension. This treatment will leave you feeling warmed, relaxed and ready for a good night sleep.

Relaxing foot and leg massage (30 minutes)  £22
After a long hard day of work, shopping or general on your feet stress. Why not treat your feet to some soothing, cooling therapy.  This treatment will Help to reduce swelling and oedema in the feet legs and ankles. Sit back and relax while your feet and legs have the stress soothed from them, leaving you feeling like you are walking on air.

Indian head massage (60 minutes) £30
This treatment is perfect for calming the mind and helping you think clearer. If you suffer from insomnia, panic attacks, tension headaches or migraines. This is the treatment for you. It is a natural hair stimulating treatment that is widely used to assist alopecia treatment. Relieve tension from your head and neck with this relaxing and invigorating treatment. Your hair may be messy post treatment, but your mind will be calmer and clearer. You also receive a complimentary facial massage with this treatment that can assist with easing sinus pain.

Sciatica relief massage (50 minutes) £35
This treatment concentrates on the lower back, buttocks, hips and legs. This massage is designed to ease the pain from sciatica and promote a better range of movement.

Runners relief foot and leg (40 minutes) £30
Deep tissue leg massage concentration on the hamstrings, calves, quads glutes and piriformis. Some stretches will be included to increase the range of motion and decrease muscle fatigue and cramps. Plantar fasciitis can also be addressed and relieved.

Anti-cellulite GO FIGURE leg and bum treatment (45 minutes) £32
Say goodbye to those unwanted lumps and bumps with this anti cellulite treatment. Go figure helps to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite while smoothing and firming your problem areas. A detoxifying body massage to increase circulation and break down toxins.

Hangover Heaven (40 minutes) £30
A tailor-made treatment with a cooling eye mask to soothe and reduce puffiness and dark circles.  A breakfast smoothie face mask to bring your skin back to life followed by a soothing head massage to ease a delicate head.

Sports Massage Including a free consultation and assessment (75 minutes) £45
Sports massage helps to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain its best condition. It can be useful in the prevention of injuries and the recovery of ongoing injuries. Sports massage is greatly beneficial to sports people but is not solely for athletes.  Builders, mums, hairdressers office workers and anyone one else who suffers with decreased range of movement or pain.

Sports massage including free consultation and assessment (45 minutes) £35

Deep tissue massage with trigger pointing Back neck and shoulders (30 minutes) £35
A deeper massage to get rid of stubborn and painful muscle tension. Focusing on the back neck and shoulders.

Ear Candling including Facial massage (45 minutes) £25


Full leg £18

½ leg £12

Bikini £10

Underarm £7

Upper lip £5

Chin £6

Brow shape £8


Lash Tint £9

Brow Tint £8

Bow tidy with lash and brow tint £20

Weekend lashes £15

Facial Treatments using Temple Spa Products

Luxury 60 minute facial (includes complimentary mini Indian head massage or foot massage) £35
Treat your skin to a bespoke facial treatment designed to suit your skins individual needs. Enjoy a tailor-made cleanse, tone mask and moisturise to leave you skin looking and feeling its best.

Refresh Facial 30 minutes £25
When your skins in need of a little TLC treat it to this gorgeous facial. With a cleanse tone and moisturise that is unique to your skins individual needs, your skin will be left looking and feeling its best.


Shellac Fingers £20

Shellac Toes £20

Shellac fingers and toes £30
Includes file and cuticle removal

Shellac removal £5

Fake Bake Spray Tan

Full body £22

Half body £12

A patch test is required 48 hours prior to ANY Tint treatment or Fake Bake Tan. Please ensure you have a patch test prior to your appointment. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All treatments are subject to availability.